Terms of Service

Payment: We only accept Paypal payment, or via Paypal Visa, Master or AE

Shipping: We will be sent to Hong Kong Post daily payment before 3:00 pm will be shipped the same day, after 3:00 pm Payment will be tomorrow shipments

Period on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays is not shipped

Chromatic aberration: As each computer monitor is different, each person's ability to distinguish colors is also different shooting environment, shooting and shooting method differences, commodities will certainly appear in the display varying degrees of chromatic aberration, kind shooting Figurenetwork picture is only for reference, all the color of the clothes are to prevail in kind.

 2, Size: Each commodity has weighed more size, everyone off the hand points 2CM error is normal. Flexible or closing wrinkle design products more difficult to identify the size, the different tightness pull will let size falls far short. Generally recommend customers own to control clothes size reference, really not sure, we can also recommend appropriate, but we do not understand your body and temperament can only simply by your height and weight to determine not absolutely accurate, the right to decide on your own. If after the recommended size of the error, is not suited to their style, too long too short for various reasons such as to blame the seller, Sorry, do not accept this as a reason for the return. If the store size can change (special and recommended products excluded), and buyers return postage themselves can escape.

 Out of stock make up less than 3, shop goods are all spot sales, may be out of stock, we will try to find the crush like Yiyi, but if it is, please crush understanding. Style crush ordered out-of-stock situations, the crush can choose to replace the other models (such as the price, Duotuishaobu) or refund.

 Orders before 15:00 every day, usually the day of treatment, the treatment the next day after 15:00. In case of out of stock we will be told in advance the agency, as far as possible in the shortest time to solve. (Proxy must fill out a complete, convenient notification)

 5, in busy periods, sometimes busy agent who failed to timely answer, I hope the parents are a lot of understanding, we will reply to you as soon as possible! We are at your service, to make the greatest efforts to let you happy shopping!