We guarantee the quality for you. Prior to shipment, are subject to stringent checks, there are problems of goods shall not be shipped. However, due to excessive delivery, it is inevitable oversights. If the customer receives the goods in question, you can return it to the surface the way my company, my company reimburse you $ 5 surface charge.
(1) can. Within three days of receipt of goods, if you feel dissatisfied with the product, can give you return (or exchange). But the return (or exchange) by the freight borne by you. (2) in the returns process, if your return in excess of 50% of the original purchase price, you must pay 30% to g Ti fee. Without having to pay a replacement fee.
Dear Customer, based on our experience, there are problems after receiving usually divided into the following three, please be patient with my company staff to deal with related issues. First, the product number does not match. At the time of shipment, the number of rigorous inventory of each shipment must pass auditor of the audit, would not normally appear uneven number of problems. If found, the number of missing, will be processed according to the following two conditions: (1) If you receive the parcel had been opened, please check the goods under the supervision of the postman. If the number of missing items, please contact us first, we will help you claim compensation to the courier company. (2) your package has not been opened before, the number of missing their inventory. If this situation was the postman's field-proven, I will make it up, the amount of product injected into your Paypal account. If there is no postman confirmed that its peril. Second, product quality problems. Please call, E-mail or Whatsapp contact our staff, and provide photographic evidence. I have received your information, within three working days for review. If you pass the audit, immediately return the goods in question my company. I will return the amount (plus 5 yuan freight) injected into your member account for the next purchase. If you request a cash refund, I will charge 30% of the fee, and in the 15 days will be returned to your bank account funds Third, the color does not match or individuals do not like it. The second point is dealt with in the same, but the freight conceited. G Ti in the growth of young companies, the relevant provisions needs to be perfect, I hope customers valuable advice, we will continue to meet your requirements.
Thank you for your trust and support of our company, we are able to smooth transactions, while maintaining your rights, g Ti set up after-sales service is as follows: 1, three days return, OZ. Within three days of receipt of goods (the receipt date), if you goods are found quality problems or do not like, you can apply to the g Ti return, refund the purchase price within paypal. Within seven days of receipt of goods, if you goods are found quality problems or do not like, you can apply for a replacement to g Ti. 2, if the product quality problems (non-human damage. Example: cup deformity, decorative fall, commodity discoloration, etc.), I reimburse you $ 5 shipping, the freight will be stored in "Member Center" for the next arrival times. If the merchandise returned due to personal preference requirements, its own freight. 3, the product is damaged during transport, in principle, required to compensate the courier company. Therefore, when you receive the package, please open the inspection. If found to be artificially damaged, please do not leave the scene before the postman contact us. We will give you handle related matters. Or peril. 4, on a refund, the company will in principle within its paypal payment refunded. My company has been consistently eighty-two principles for employees, 80% of new customers are from the introduction of 20% old customers. We care about customers on our evaluation, customer satisfaction is g Ti tireless pursuit! We will sincerely for your service, so you 100% Buy Online, 100% enjoy perfect service. (Note: 1. Door Pickup service customers can enjoy the above, please buy carefully selected scene 2. Proven returned merchandise tag, Water is a commodity standard or someone washed, dirt, damage or other consequences appearance of a commodity, can not enjoy the above treatment. 3. specials in addition to quality issues, do not enjoy the above offers.)
If out of stock, it will refund processing